Real engagement feels different 

We're realise.  We work with leaders and their stakeholders to uncover creative solutions to today's complex problems.   Our work spans government to local authorities; multinational corporations to private law firms.  What our clients have in common is the desire to engage an array of stakeholders in the process of solving problems, managing change and identifying opportunities.  Not because its simply the right thing to do, but because its the smart thing to do. 

Our customers seek solutions to the contemporary problem of how to engage complex stakeholder groups.   Gone are the days when organisational change meant mandates coming down from above.  Whether we’re working with government departments designing new policies or engaging stakeholders in complex change programmes; supporting multi-agency groups in learning reviews; global businesses integrating a recently acquired company or the police to reduce crime; our clients have something in common: they need to extract candid input and insight from their employees and stakeholders and work with them to ensure those ideas are turned into lasting change, implemented with commitment and enthusiasm.

We provide facilitation services using an array of collaborative tools that enable us to actively engage meeting participants, generate honest, creative ideas and dramatically improve group collaboration outcomes.