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We specialise in combining facilitation and technology to help clients open up dialogue and foster commitment with their people, customers and stakeholders.

Better engagement Better results

Welsh Assembly Government

"We’ve been very impressed with the levels of openness and engagement of participants in the workshops led by realise. People leave feeling more excited, committed and convinced that their contributions are indeed part of something vitally important that’s moving steadily in the right direction."

Jane Davidson, Minister for Environment, Sustainability and Housing, Welsh Assembly Government.
Lloyds Development Capital logo

"The management teams are engaged and open from the onset. There is a palpable feeling of excitement and collaboration in the room. That realise provides the report and analysis within 24 hours makes a huge difference to our outcomes. We’re able to take the momentum from the meeting and act on it swiftly and decisively."

Jon Andrew (COO, Lloyds Development Capital, LDC)
Hertfordshire Police Constabulary badge

"From the outset by working with realise, we’ve seen superior results from a range of complicated and difficult collaborative engagements. We’re convinced that this approach has a broad application in crime prevention and reduction."

Chris Miller, Act. Asst. Chief Constable Hertfordshire Constabulary