About us

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Founded in 2000, realise has grown out of its founders' desire to promote positive change in how people contribute their best to the world.

Since founding realise, we’ve spent the last ten years of our business designing and facilitating hundreds of workshops and conferences.

Reward comes from seeing the transformation that happens both during a session and as result of informed changes being embedded in to our client’s organisations.

We offer a service which is proven to get people to reveal what they think and feel, to come up with their best ideas and solutions to the important issues they face - and enjoying the process.

In doing so we endeavour to make sure our clients; gain ground and get results by building trust, enabling constructive conflict, gain commitment to progress and make accountabilities clear.

With our decade anniversary upon us, we are increasing our focus on work that drives social, environmental and economic change.

For us at realise, a love of the natural world demands participation in the fight to save it. We know that our business activity creates environmental harm as a by-product, so we’re constantly evaluating ways to reduce our harmful impact.

Staying true to our core values during ten years in business has helped us create a company we're proud to run and work for and one we are devoted to building.

The Team

  • Sarah Boulton

    Sarah Boulton Managing Partner and Founder of Realise

    Sarah leads the business management for realise. She specialises in organisational development and is a skilled facilitator and coach.

  • Jerome Norris

    Jerome Norris Consulting Partner

    Jerome has been facilitating group sessions for more than 15 years. He specialises in the use of Group Engagement tools to deliver consumer and market driven change programmes.

  • Nancy Preston

    Nancy Preston Marketing Consultant Partner

    Nancy brings a potent combination of strategic and pragmatic perspectives to realise’s marketing. She has a background in international marketing in the IT sector.

  • Nick Leigh

    Nick Leigh - Technical Architect

    Nick provides invaluable knowledge and innovation to implementing our technology. His passion and expertise for live and online collaboration solutions makes him a pioneer in this field.