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Post merger & acquisition integration

Post M&A Integration  feedback and communication

The successful merging and integration of newly acquired companies requires a high degree of knowledge sharing and openness from employees at all levels.

We work with shareholders, employees and investors to accelerate the process of integration. In carefully planned sessions, we open up the flow of information, whilst also dealing with feelings of resentment, trepidation and confusion.

We understand the challenge during a period of uncertainty is to engage team members, address their biggest concerns and share their best ideas.

Our post-M&A workshops and coaching meet this challenge, providing support and tools that engage people to focus on the opportunities for the new combined businesses.

Whilst no two integrations are the same, we work on key areas such as product portfolio integration. At the same time we design in processes for dealing with the ‘soft’ issues of managing the psychological transition process. Working on both aspects together helps to establish the new organisation as quickly and as fully as possible.

With a corporate acquisition you have one chance to get it right. I can’t think of a more critical situation where you have to understand what’s on people’s minds. Concerns, ideas and opportunities – they’re all in the room at that first post-acquisition meeting. realise and their tools helped make sure we had our fingers on the pulse.

Pierre Van Beneden, as VP EMEA, Adobe Systems (now CEO, RSD Systems)

Our business is all about investing in management teams of high growth companies, getting off to a flying start is very important. Since working with realise, we’re able to reach a high degree of openness with our management teams, typically by the coffee break of the initial meeting.

Jon Andrew (COO, Lloyds Development Capital, LDC)