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We attract projects in both public and private sectors. We relish working with big corporate brands on complex and commercially driven projects.

In the public sector we have built lasting and trusted relationships with the Police, Military and several government agencies. We also provide support to small and medium sized businesses – niche market people like ourselves.

Read more about the successes our clients’ have achieved:

  • Hertfordshire Constabulary - Keeping the Peace

    Hertfordshire Constabulary earns national award for crime reduction programme

    Most homicides are solved within days; about 90 percent of murder victims knew the perpetrator. But when cases are more complex, solving them requires innovative and in-depth approaches to investigation. For the Hertfordshire Constabulary that means taking a collaborative approach to solving ‘cold cases’ as well as identifying ways to reduce the incidence of homicide and preventable deaths.

    PDF Keeping the Peace case study PDF (2.05MB)

  • Hertfordshire Constabulary - Choices and Consequences

    Hertfordhire is one of the safest places in England in which to live. Crime in the county fell by over 20% in the past five years, resulting in over 20,000 fewer crimes. The risk of being a victim of crime is at its lowest level in 30 years. But such impressive results don’t come without dedication and collaboration from a wide range of organisations.

    PDF Choices and Consequences case study PDF (789KB)

  • Sun Microsystems - Putting the client at the centre

    With 260 million customers worldwide, Vodafone ranks as the world’s leading mobile telecomms company. Clients from Tasmania to Tanzania stay in touch with Vodafone products and services. With 60 Sun staff managing the account in 23 countries across diverse time zones, languages and cultures - how does the global Vodafone account team stay unified?

    PDF Putting the client at the centre case study PDF (1.05MB)

Realise has a clear understanding of how to drive the technology and support a collaborative team dynamic.

Gary Ashworth, Executive Director, SunMicrosystems Vodafone Global Account

We’ve had very consistent feedback from the sessions run by realise. Participants feel more included and engaged, are more likely to contribute to their best ability and, importantly, feel a common commitment to drive this vital change.

Jane Davidson, Minister for Environment, Sustainability and Housing (Welsh Assembly Government)