Its all about communication!

“Working with realise we know we are going to really get people contributing. Complexity reigns across topics, locations and stakeholders. realise have shown us how MeetingSphere can give us a uniquely valuable set of tools as part of the mix
— Comms Manager

Engagement, consultation and transparency are the buzz words that everyone wants from you - all at the lowest possible cost. Easy to ask for, much harder to deliver. Even the most innovative comms professionals are swarmed by the confusing arrays of technologies and consultants offering “collaboration & engagement”.

You know that people expect and need more than long thread building apps, web page discussions, surveys or voting pads, Even great video conferencing & voice systems ( for those who can afford it ) and the latest shared document IT solution is not enough.  So let us make it a little easier

realise can help you use a set of communication tools specifically designed to engage groups. The tools we use are called MeetingSphere. They are clever, simple and easy. They are now.

With as much or as little support from us as you need, set up live MeetingSphere sessions online, same place workshops, large events or hybrid sessions and expand the depth and range of your engagement so people can contribute, any time, anywhere.

Rest assured..realise has been using technology to support events for 20 years! Our founders have pioneered and developed working with technology to support live events from 50 -500 + people. Those times when you can bring people together. 

We all know face time is increasingly rare. So let us show you what you can do online.

Few providers can offer such seasoned professionals to coach you, your team and other partners to get the best out of group engagement technologies. Few technologies are built for the sole purpose of collaboration & engagement. 

Delivering solid business value in highly energized sessions, face to face and online has bought us trusted relationships with customers. 

We can do it for you.. better still, let us show you how to do it yourself