Crime reduction

Targeting crime

Targeting crime

Working with multi-agency teams headed by the Police, we support initiatives to target and reduce specific crimes such as burglary and drug/alcohol related offences.

In partnership with the police, probation and drug treatment agencies we facilitate group sessions with 'hard to reach' audiences such as prolific burglary offenders.

Using our group engagement tools and position as ‘outsiders’, we facilitate the disclosure of details of the criminal behaviour, motivations and ways to reduce the proliferation of such ‘expertise’ within communities.

The evidence and 'know how' gathered has provided valuable information for ongoing crime prevention work. Police are able to pin point very specific areas of risk. They then publish advice and guidance to their communities, enabling people to take appropriate action.

Longer term, targeted crime and harm reduction programmes aim to provide solutions to the drug-crime-prison cycle that destroys lives of victims and offender, proliferates crime, fuels the drug supply and keeps prison populations at record numbers.

realise and their facilitation tools help us to take the 'rank out of the room' and bring people together to focus on specific problems. Many times we have managed to create new solutions with people from different agencies, working towards common goals.

With the support of realise, we create an environment of openness that inevitably leads to a much higher engagement, improved insight and firmer long term commitment to agreed outcomes, ultimately buy-in to the outcomes agreed.

Chris Miller, Act. Assistant Chief Constable, Hertfordshire Constabulary