We Are experts in BRINGING PEOPLE TOGETHER – with a difference.*

  • Flexible to suit all event types; face-to-face, online or distributed

  • Ensures all perspectives, ideas and creative solutions are revealed

  • Enhanced participation radically improves commitment to outcomes and buy-in

  • Scalable to any size from small focused teams to large Conferences     

Whilst we are recognised experts in the use of group working technologies, we often combine appropriate facilitation techniques and processes into our sessions; including experiential learning, nurturing dialogue, decision making and consensus measurement. We know it’s about more than technology; it’s about creating good design, best practice processes, commitment and high-level decisions, together.



We all know how it feels to be on a conference call, listening to other people, your mind is easily distracted.. A recent UK study reports that the average person loses focus after 23 minutes on a conference call.   We know there are many tools available to help people engage but all too often these aren’t based on techniques to allow easy participation and interaction. We help the online team be (almost) as effective as if you were together in the same room.  Not just listening, but actively participating and shaping decisions.