Online productivity

Working online presents many opportunities but also challenges. It can save diary time, reduce costs, and free up  time for other tasks.  However done badly on-line meetings cause damage to tasks, projects and people. Building skills and processes to ensure dynamic, efficient and productive on-line meetings is what we do.

Realise can bring you a solution to engaging audiences online: MeetingSphere, our chosen technology, is a simple to use collaboration toolset with integrated voice conferencing.  MeetingSphere is designed by expert practitioners to encourage open, anonymous and simultaneous contributions.  Everyone is enthusiastic, no-one left unable or unwilling to contribute. It accelerates the creation of ideas and has the tools to support the analysis to turn data into insights and knowledge. You get to make business decisions faster, with greater involvement, buy-in and commitment from your team.

Conference Calls that work, at last!

Fifteen years of running client conference calls ranging from board meetings and sales conferences to NHS interventions, have taught us an awful lot about what works, and what doesn’t. The best sessions have these distinct features:

  1. Clear and visible ownership, by a respected sponsor to set out what needs to be accomplished

  2. The ability for anonymous and simultaneous input from all participants - whether it’s a debrief or idea brainstorming; removing “rank” temporarily is essential to ensure the best ideas emerge and real perspectives are expressed

  3. Tools to converge, rate, prioritise and assign outcomes. Otherwise the best ideas and outcomes go unrecorded and get forgotten

  4. Easy planning and agenda design tools to help ensure structure, purpose and visible meeting agendas, keep everyone focussed and engaged. Especially when in different places (and even at different times)

  5. Automated reports so you have accurate and immediate meeting records (and you don’t waste time trying to interpret or transcribing notes after the event!)

  6. Template your Best Practice to ensure consistent application of what processes you know works. Giving your team the best chance to acheive high quality group decisions. It saves time, avoids ambiguity and automatically audits the decision process.