Our Approach

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1. Listening

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No two engagements can ever be the same.

Which is why we always listen first to what you want to achieve. We listen to your critical questions or issues and the context surrounding them. We listen to the detail of what you want to achieve. And to what matters most to you and your organisation. Only by listening first can we get to heart of your issues.

2. Planning

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We build a process that we know will work.

Before setting out we plan a detailed process tailored to the issues you are facing. We combine our proven facilitation skills, technologies and consulting expertise into a unique plan for every engagement. And we agree this with you. Experience shows us that the key factor in delivering successful outcomes is intelligent planning. So we give it the attention it deserves. Every time.

3. Facilitating

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We are experts in group facilitation – with a difference.

We can get individuals and groups to work together better. We bring teams, stakeholders, or large audiences together and help achieve more than they had hoped. Our facilitation style focuses on revealing thinking, feelings and ideas. This lies at the heart of engagement. Whilst we are recognised experts in the use of group engagement technologies, we often combine a range of other processes into a session, catalysing learning, dialogue, decision making and commitment. We know it is about more than technology. It is about moving somewhere together.

4. Outcomes

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Delivering extraordinary outcomes.

Within 24 hours of a session our reports present group outputs in formats ready for you to, upload, disseminate and action.

We include all that has been created, verbatim contributions, tables or graphs of results and session evaluation feedback. All data is carefully collated, formatted, analysed, and summarised to identify key outcomes. Our commitment is to present valuable, evidence- based input for planning and action that take you forward.

5. Momentum

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Nothing lives if it is not nurtured.

So we can help you to ensure that the end of our engagement is not the end of the process for you. Starting with what is needed to embed the outputs following a session, we work with you to develop action plans to extend the impact of your investment. Our Change Capability services are specifically designed to support you and your organisation to achieve the short and longer outcomes needed. We want you to reap the rewards of better engagement.