Organisational Development & Design Consulting

Understanding and developing action plans based on employee engagement feedback scores

Offering expertise in developmental operating models and design options

Designing and facilitating culture change programmes

Working with learning and development offers including leadership and team capability building

Advising on managing people through restructuring and redeployment programmes

Making sense of, and acting on, employee engagement results

Using employee engagement data as the starting point to reveal the underlying challenges

Working with employees to develop action plans that will make a difference

Developing positive culture by focussing on coaching, feedback and development planning capabilities at all levels of management

Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination Resolution

Addressing specific areas where bullying, harassment and discrimination (BHD) is a concern

Using feedback data to pinpoint specific areas of the business causing concern

Developing interventions to raise awareness and positively shift behaviours

Working with HR professionals to ensure support programmes or interventions align with organisational policies

Evolving internal consultancy and facilitation skills for HR business partners