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We have been trusted consultants to police forces for nearly a decade. Our services range from facilitating homicide reduction workshops for multiple agencies; supporting detective teams in cold case investigations; moderating major incident and national operation debriefs, to facilitating ‘hard to reach’ audiences as part of targeted crime reduction programmes.

By taking the 'rank out of the room' we help to create an environment of collaboration and openness where expertise, new ideas, theories and new lines of inquiry are revealed. We are passionate about the work we do with the Police; we are pleased that our services support them in achieving meaningful results in crime reduction and detection.

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Accelerating businesses success means truly engaging the best of your own internal resources, key stakeholders and customers. We understand how to do this, to make better decisions, faster and foster a sense of quest for the future in peoples’ hearts and minds.

Whether the focus is integrating a recently acquired company, determining the way ahead, achieving better sales figures or mining operations for improvement; our clients trust us to provide professional facilitation combined with powerful and reliable Group Engagement tools.

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We’re committed to working with clients who want to stimulate action to address issues of sustainability, with a sense of opportunity and urgency. Our services include supporting the development of sustainability strategies by; facilitating multiple stakeholder workshops, running consultation and engagement sessions online and supporting wider communications initiatives.

Our facilitative approach stimulates and reveals perspectives, conflicts and diverse opinions. We work with groups to re-frame the problems and issues, gather specialist knowledge, build consensus and inform decision making – and most importantly helping to secure commitment to act.

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We have over 15 years of proven expertise in using Group Engagement tools. We’ve witnessed these technologies leading a new era of how organisations can engage teams and diverse groups of stakeholders – to facilitate discovery and deliver change. We work with our clients to decide how our Group Engagement tools, blended with other methodologies, will increase the quality of engagement and outcomes in almost any group process. We provide all you need to run any live event – from 6 -600 + people... or anytime, anywhere using our online capability and expertise.

realise sessions make significantly more efficient use of people’s time and stimulate greater buy-in, leading to better implementation and better results.

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