Steve has run over 2500 workshops and conferences using technology to engage participants and ensure better results

For the past two decades he has been involved in research into group collaboration, writes and speaks internationally on the subject and has helped hundreds of organisations to recognise the power of working more effectively together. His delight is in supporting people to identify opportunities and reveal solutions to problems, all through engaging the collective wisdom of the group to effect real change.

On his journey he has helped organisations identify innovative ideas and processes to create real competitive advantage. He has supported Government policy teams, run organisational change programmes, designed and run cold case murder reviews in the UK and US, supported real change in Bosnia Herzegovina at the end of the brutal ten years of war, helped launch several new businesses and manage people through the trauma of company mergers and acquisitions! 


Most of his private and Corporate work centres on bringing innovation and creative thinking to major interventions for organisations; e.g launching new strategy or change programmes.  Bringing the leadership on-board in support of a new plan, strategy or change significantly improves the potential for the programme to be successful; Steve’s tried, and tested approach ensure enthusiastic champions emerge from these interventions. 

His main focus is how technology becomes the enabler and accelerator for participant involvement.  Engagement is critical, without this, meetings, conference calls, large events are boring, ineffective, and costly and often impact negatively on the business. Over the years the breakthroughs in technology, Cloud hosting, advances in meeting formats (face to face, on-line, hybrid) have been Steve’s obsession; ensuring he stays ahead of the curve and applies the latest thinking, technologies and techniques to his work.  He speaks regularly on effective engagement and meeting design.


Steve works with many Government and Corporate customers, including the US EPA, Welsh Government and BEIS, Police Forces and Local authorities.  His corporate clients include many multinationals seeking better ways to collaborate and innovate across time and distance to ensure efficiency and customer focus. Some specific examples of his work from the last ten five years.