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Steve Bather

Steve has over 25 years working as a Facilitator.  His practice is differentiated by using, training and coaching in the use of group collaboration software. (e’g’  Recognising his customers want to innovate not ‘experiment’, he founded MeetingSphere Inc in 2011 to produce practical, influential and easy to use collaboration tools to enable groups to achieve better decisions and outcomes.

Having worked with many International Organisations, central and local Governments, police and corporates; Steve is an expert on how to embed high quality engagement and group decision making.

There are many examples of his work in large conference facilitation, learning reviews in Safeguarding, Government Policy discussions and stakeholder engagement workshops available in the testimonials section.

As Founder and Executive Director at MeetingSphere, Inc. 
Using the 25 years as a professional facilitator, specialising in the use of meeting productivity software, he founded MeetingSphere in 2011 to ensure the development of specific, easy to use, valuable and accessible tools are brought to as many facilitator/practitioners out there who are ready to massively improve the productivity of what they do.

Steve has run over 2500 workshops and conferences using technology to engage participants and ensure better results