Sustainability and social change

Sustaining the Earth


We work with our clients to create an open and inclusive, yet practical and accountable environment for the development of sustainability strategies and plans. This environment serves as a platform for the kinds of dialogue that leads to genuinely meaningful changes in behaviour. Indeed, the type needed to save our planet.

Our facilitative approach stimulates and reveals perspective, subjective conflicts and diverse opinions. The realise process works because it fundamentally engages people in the design and implementation of solutions.

The Welsh Assembly Government, who is now committed to maintaining "One Wales One Planet" equilibrium, recently published their Sustainability Development Plan after a consultation process supported by realise. Post publication, the Welsh Assembly is now rapidly engaging local authorities, communities and businesses to change behaviours and manage sustainability in all aspects of life above and beyond profit!

This level of commitment takes passion and focus by large numbers of people: we know how to design and facilitate events that engage people and their passions to have lasting impact.

The immediacy of this approach generates creativity and clarity. While we solicit so many ideas from such a wide group of people, in the end we’re seeing stakeholders truly motivated around core sets of actions.

Jane Davidson, Minister for the Environment, Sustainability and Housing, Welsh Assembly Government

Realise supported our Sustainability Development Scheme public Consultation workshops deploying their unique and leading edge engagement tools. The approach fully met the team’s objectives and quickly became a not only a crucial element in delivering the Welsh Government’s message, but helped us substantially augment the draft SDS. This helped to make the final published version more direct, appropriate and definitive.

Dr Simon Bilsborough Department for Environment, Sustainability and Housing, Welsh Assembly Government