Valid XHTML 1.0 & CSS

This website has been carefully designed and developed with both design and accessibility in mind. realise has carefully created all web pages to conform to W3C standards meaning accessibility and compatibility across all platforms is at a maximum level.

Validation of web pages is essential for universally accessible web pages. It allows access to any visitor regardless of their method of access, whether this be via a web browser on a PC, or a mobile phone or a PDA. The realise website is valid to XHTML 1.0 transitional standard allowing all browsers to view the content in a comprehensible way.

Disabled users also benefit greatly from this standard. Users with impaired vision will quite often use a screen reader, allowing the content to be read to them. Without a valid web page this is nearly impossible as no standard has been followed.

realise has spent the time and effort conforming to web standards to benefit you, the visitor. For more information please visit the W3C website. Thank you.